In this video clip from YouTube, Art Spiegelman is interviewed by Stanley Crouch, substitute host on the Charlie Rose program.
Watch 27:51 to 40:55 to hear a quick synopsis of the book, its success and additional comments by Spiegelman.
Listen carefully to the part of the interview when Charlie Rose calls the central character, Vladik, a hero, for surviving the Holocaust.

Next read the Ian Johnston article On Spiegelman's Maus I and II and consider his interpretation of the hero of the book (found just after the Introduction).
On the LIS 518 discussion page, please post your own thoughts about the hero of the narrative.

Johnston's college lecture is a very comprehensive article and does a thorough job of discussing Art Spiegelman's art, his comic book style and the metaphor of the beast fable. If you have an opportunity to read it you will gain further insights into this award-winning graphic novel and its artist.